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          Qicnt's design is basedonour philosophy “good designs can tell stories,”and we make values for agroup of global leading brands such as Volvo、Midea、Gionee、Huawei、CIMC、CNOOC、OCT ect.We provide the most effective and suitable services depending on different needs of various business stages.


          Our design tells stories,this means we advocate narrative design that conveys the content and passes the message by inspiring ideas and extraordinary proposals. This fundamental attitude makes us exceptional compared to the others.


          Qicnt's are always multimedia related, sincemultimedia will play an important role in passing the message. Different medias can be an indispensable and independent part of the space, to provide a way for the audience to know and understand the context and figure out the organic relationship between things in a sensible and creative approach .

          展览项目和一般装修项目不一样,复杂度极高,尽管有着具体的开始条件和特定的项目目标,但经常面临巨大的时间和成本压力。 全方位的规划,?#20013;?#30340;检查和监督进度、预算及质量是确保项目成功的重要?#26041;凇?/p>

          Exhibition projects are different from the other construction projects due to their higher complexity. Even if we started with concrete conditions and specific goals, everytimewe still have to face the huge pressure of deadline and costs. In order to accomplish each of them, the total and continuous inspection is very essential in this case.